Maintenance Assistant

Maintenance Assistant Position Summary

Under the general direction of the Maintenance Director, the Maintenance Assistant is responsible for the overall maintenance/upkeep of the physical plant (building and grounds) including preventative maintenance, repairs, and inspections.

Primary Responsibilities for Maintenance Assistant:

  • Ensure the highest quality of customer service is available for our residents.
  • Engage in prospective resident visits.
  • Perform welcome orientation with new residents.
  • Makes sure all aspects of the building are in a good state of repair.
  • Responds to maintenance requests on a daily basis.
  • Proficiency with software applications/programs/tools used by American House for Maintenance position.
  • Maintain Unit Maintenance Log for each apartment.
  • Monitors and maintains Building Inspection Schedule that includes preventative maintenance program and all required system inspections.
  • On call 24 hours a day for emergency maintenance needs as authorized by Executive Director. If not available must arrange for back up coverage.
  • Performs routine janitorial duties in order to keep building and grounds clean and neat.
  • Snow removal and landscaping not performed by outside contractors.
  • Supervision of part-time, temporary, or contract personnel.
  • Performs routine inspections of interior and exterior of building.
  • Perform mandatory annual unit inspections completing required documentation.
  • Coordinate with Executive Director when contracting with any outside vendors.
  • Orders maintenance supplies and monitor inventory.
  • Responsible for timely turnover of vacant apartments.
  • Maintains dumpster area and monitor trash pickup.
  • Other duties as assigned by Executive Director.
Job global location: 
Southeastern Michigan