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American House Seniors Complete Crafty Pinterest Flowerpot Project


One thing that sets American House apart from other senior living communities is the amount of interesting, engaging programs we offer our residents. These vary from community to community and provide a great example of how we strive to make sure our residents are happy and engaged.

Our Life Enrichment Directors spend a lot of time searching out fresh and creative activities for residents to enjoy — and some of these ideas come straight from social media sites! For instance, American House Grand Blanc Life Enrichment Director Cassie Crider turned up this unique outdoor gardening craft and showed residents how to create their own eye-catching flowerpot tower:

Cassie found the directions for this adorable planter while perusing Pinterest, an online pinboard of ideas, crafts, recipes and pictures. She learned it was created by the Home Stories A to Z blog and thought it would be a perfect fit for the crafty folks at American House Grand Blanc!

Here’s what Cassie had the residents do to make their flowerpots (full directions available here.)


  1. 1 base pot (8″ tall)
  2. 4 tower pots (6″ tall)
  3. 1 smaller pot (4″-5″ tall)
  4. 62″ piece of rebar
  5. Spray paint primer (1 can)
  6. Spray paint (1 can)
  7. Round topper/birdbath
  8. DAP household/aquatic adhesive


  • Prime pots and spray paint them in your choice of color(s).


  • Measure height of all pots, add 24 inches, and then cut rebar to that size. Pound rebar at least two feet into ground to hold pots.


  • Place pots through rebar and put soil in them, while tilting pots left and right alternately.


  • Place topper on rebar and place birdbath on top (if desired). Use adhesive to attach and seal.


  • Plant flowers!

Here’s how our flowerpots turned out, thanks to the wonderful assistance of Cassie!

The fished flower pots made by American House Residents.

American House offers all kinds of activities — including crafts, a choir and so much more! We’d love to give you a tour, so free to drop in and see firsthand what our residents are up to! To find an American House Senior Living community near you, visit or call (248) 579-4422.

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