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Senior Living Options

When choosing a senior living community for yourself or a loved one, it all comes down to comfort. For most that is a place where you feel both at home and at ease. At American House Coconut Point you can expect a unique model of senior living options that set the bar of excellence in Southwest Florida. Residents enjoy amazing dining and a variety of planned and spontaneous activities including everything from golf to book clubs.

Explore beautiful downtown Estero, where you can spend a day shopping or soaking in the South Florida culture.

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8460 Murano Del Lago Drive Estero, FL 34135

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Living options at senior living in Estero, Florida

Care Options

American House Coconut Point offers an affordable solution to living luxuriously in Southwest Florida. Whether you need licensed Assisted Living, short-term supportive Respite Care, or long-term Independent Living, we offer a relaxed apartment-style community with programs that are constantly evolving around your needs.