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American House was founded in 1979 with the vision of providing high-quality housing for seniors at a price affordable for retirees and their families. Today, that vision of excellence and value has grown to encompass a growing number of American House locations across an array of communities, and our range of services continues to expand to meet the needs of our nation's aging population.

American House Brownstown

(734) 479-2434

21400 Dix Toledo Hwy Brownstown Twp, MI 48183

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Smiling senior enjoying the at American House Brownstown lifestyle in Brownstown Twp, MI

With the original founding family playing an active role in the daily management of American House, each location's Executive Director operates from the unique perspective that our residents are not tenants in our buildings - rather, our staff are guests in our residents' homes. Chosen for their compassion and caring nature in addition to sound management ability, our Executive Directors are truly committed to providing a positive, caring living experience that optimizes key aspects of senior well-being, including companionship, nutrition and wellness.

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By combining an enjoyable, vibrant senior lifestyle in superior facilities at a cost lower than many other senior living communities, American House truly enables seniors to "declare their independence" ... living free from the worries, responsibilities and demands of home ownership and opening new doors of relaxation, socializing, activity and health.

American House Senior Living