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For senior care in Clinton Township, American House Lakeside has become the standard of excellence. Residents living at our community fill their days with exquisite dining and a variety of both planned and spontaneous activities. Visits to the Detroit Opera House, seminars with local artists at Starkweather Arts Center, bingo, card games, book clubs, and excursions into downtown Clinton Township for lunch and shopping are all common activities for our residents. Community members often bond over shared or similar experiences and exchange stories for hours, developing friendships that enrich their lives for years to come.

American House Lakeside offers a variety of living options for those seeking affordable, quality senior living in Clinton Township. Whether your needs call for long-term Independent Living, Assisted Living* or short-term supportive Respite Care, we offer a relaxed and friendly apartment-style community that suits your unique needs. We strive to make the transition into a senior living community as comfortable and effortless as possible and our programs are always evolving to meet the changing needs and desires of our residents.

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*Emergency response systems and other medical and personal support services provided onsite 24/7 by a Medicare certified home health care agency not affiliated with American House. Hospice care provided onsite by local hospice organizations upon resident or family request.