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Respite Care

American House Kentwood offers Respite Care when you need it most. Respite Care is available for recovery after surgery or a hospital stay. Our staff can provide everything you or your loved one mightneed during and after rehabilitation. By offering assistance, therapy and housekeeping, you or your family member is free to focus on the most important issue at hand: health and recovery.

American House Kentwood


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Respite Care at senior living in Kentwood, Michigan

Respite Care can also provide a great support system for family caregivers when they go on vacation or need someone to temporarily care for their loved one. It is essential for family members and caregivers to receive regular support in order to relieve stress, restore energy, and promote balance. American House Kentwood provides the kind of support you need. Our exceptional staff cares for your loved one with kindness, respect, and comprehensive medical attention.

Let American House support you during your time of recovery. Contact us today to learn more.