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Senior Living Options

When it comes to selecting a senior living community for yourself or a loved one, it all comes down to where you feel most comfortable. For most that’s a place where you can feel content, at ease, engaged and social, a place where you can do as much or as little as you like. That place is home. Let American House Spring Lake show you what quality, comprehensive senior care looks like.

For senior care in Spring Lake, American House is the standard of excellence. Residents fill their days with exquisite dining and a variety of both planned and spontaneous activities including:

  • Visits to the Grand Rapids Symphony
  • Trips to the Fire Barn Gallery
  • Bingo, Card Games and Book Clubs
  • Excursions into Downtown Spring Lake for Lunch and Shopping

Residents often find friendship and comfort through sharing life experiences as they exchange stories that enrich their lives for years to come. Compassion, care, and companionship are not extras at American House; they are the way we live as a community of friends and family.

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Living options at senior living in Spring Lake, Michigan

Care Options

American House Spring Lake offers a variety of living options for those seeking affordable, quality senior living in Spring Lake. Whether your needs call for short-term Respite Care, Hospice Care, long-term Independent, or Assisted Living we offer a relaxed and friendly apartment-style community that suits your unique needs. We strive to make the transition into a senior living community as comfortable and effortless as possible. Our programs are always evolving to meet the changing needs and desires of our residents.

For more details on senior care with American House, contact our office today. We can’t wait to show you what makes Spring Lake Senior Living such an exception home for seniors.