Senior Living in Taylor, MI

Senior Living Options

American House Southland wants to make the decision of choosing a senior living community easier for you and your loved ones. We strive to create a comfortable community that feels like home. We provide activities and features that will leave you feeling relaxed, engaged, and social.

American House Southland is the standard of excellence for senior living in Taylor. Residents fill their days with a variety of planned and spontaneous activities including bingo, card games, book clubs, and excursions for lunch and shopping. Our residents exchange stories for hours, develop friendships, and enrich lives.

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Living options at senior living in Taylor, Michigan

Care Options

American House Southland offers a variety of living options for those seeking affordable, quality senior living in Taylor. Whether you or your loved one needs Independent Living, Assisted Living, or short-term Respite Care, we offer a community with a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Contact our friendly staff to learn more. We can’t wait to show you what makes our community such a great place to call home.