We want to create a fantastic dining experience at every one of our communities. That’s why our corporate and community culinary teams work to create inventive menus and delicious meals.

Our culinary staff comes together each quarter to learn new recipes and techniques, share ideas and develop new menus. We know how important meals are to our residents, and it’s just as important to us.

When you dine at an American House community, you’ll enjoy:

  • Scratch-made meals prepared by our culinary team on a daily basis
  • Locally-sourced produce
  • Themed meals for holidays, special occasions or regional/local celebrations
  • Private dining rooms to celebrate with family and friends*
  • Menus that reflect regional tastes and preferences
  • Nutritious meals to fit a variety of dietary needs

Stop by one of our communities and join us for lunch! We’d be happy to have you. Just give us a call and let us know when we can expect you.

*Available at select communities.