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There are so many things to love about Park Place. The staff is phenomenal. The building is gorgeous and the surrounding area is beautiful. It is difficult to remember me are in the city and yet can experience nature at its finest, what an inundated opportunity to sit on the balcony and watch the families of deer!
Written by: David J Carlson
Date published: 08/13/2017
Park Place is very nice and it’s close to where I live so it’s very convenient. They took us around and showed us some rooms. The rooms were like little apartments and were very nice; you can bring in your own furniture. The staff was very knowledgeable and gave us a lot of information.
Written by: Satisfied Visitor8
Date published: 01/31/2016
My grandfather has been a resident of Park Place for over a year. I have visited him there, as have many of our other relatives. It's a very nice place and my grandfather's quite happy there. The assisted living program is perfect for him right now. He can come and go as he pleases though he's encouraged to sign in and out but has the benefits of things like med management, regularly scheduled activities, shuttle to the nearby shopping center, and so forth. The facilities are really well set up. I particularly loved the in-house movie theater/screening room, and the courtyard with a koi fish pond and a tiki bar. He has a one-bedroom apartment that's spacious and bright. It's cleaned once a week by the staff. The sheets and towels are done by the staff once a week, as well. The residents do their own laundry in a (no-cost) laundry room; there's a laundry room on each floor.Everyone I met there from the front desk receptionist, to the cleaning staff, to the beauty/barber shop attendants were kind, smiling, and patient. A good place.
Written by: Janey Marie
Date published: 12/13/2011