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Top 6 Benefits of Pet Ownership for Seniors

Owning a pet can get even better with age. Learn about the benefits of pet ownership for seniors.

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Happy Women's History Month!

There have been countless women who have worked against great odds to make their mark on history, and we celebrate them during Women’s History Month in March. Learn about some of the amazing women team members and residents in our American House family.



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Marion: An opera singer whose story is a real-life opera.

Performing Beethoven’s Ninth at Carnegie Hall would likely be considered the high point of someone’s life. For Marion, that moment in her singing career doesn’t come close to the joy she discovered teaching third grade in Detroit, Michigan. Marion’s story mirrors her profession, with all the dramatic twists of an opera.  

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Donna and Joan: 88 years of friendship and counting.

It started even before they could walk.

“She was my first playmate,” Donna says of her 88-year friendship with Joan.

“After a rainstorm, we’d get our bathing suits on and run outside and play in the puddles,” remembers Joan. They lived across the street from each other, and their parents were friends. And so began a lifelong friendship filled with stories and a lot of laughs.

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Dick and Sue: The secret behind fairy tale love.

When you hear about a love that lasts, that’s stood the test of time, you want to know more. How does it happen? What’s the secret…and, of course, can it happen to me?

Before you hear the story of Dick and Sue, forget all the fairy tales of love at first sight and being swept off your feet. These two lovebirds have proven without a doubt; real love, the love of a lifetime, doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a slow, meandering, sometimes bumpy ride. It’s a fairy tale, with a twist. 

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A civil rights icon was also Auntie Rosa: Sheila’s Story

Sheila talks a lot about doing what’s right and treating people how you want to be treated; it’s how she lives her life, it’s who she is. She comes by it naturally, having been raised in a loving family, a family led by a strong matriarch, her Aunt…Rosa Parks.

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5 Ways to Prepare for an Out-of-State Move

Retirement is the perfect time to pick up the hobby you’ve always wanted too, travel to places you’ve never been, spend more time with family and friends and most of all -start the best chapter of your life.

And, for you, that might mean moving to the sunshine state, Florida, where you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and nice weather or it might mean moving closer to family in the Midwest.

No matter where your new home lands, here are some tips for preparing for an out of state move.

1. Enlist Family Members/Close Friends

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Preparing Emotionally for a Move to Senior Living in 2020

Whether you’ve thought it, coined it or have said it aloud, there is something very real about the phrase “there’s no place like home.” It’s our sense of comfort and belonging. It’s a space that’s jam packed with moments and memories. 

So, when it comes to the decision that it might be time for your loved one to make the move to senior living, it’s no surprise that it’s often difficult and emotional. 

It’s important to remain open minded, supportive and compassionate during this time. 

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How We're Keeping Our Residents Safe During COVID-19

Our house is your home. And, as the world continues to change, we’re adapting to better serve our residents and families, team members and partners. 

Our Life Enrichment Team has been innovative in finding ways to keep our residents having fun.

Whether that’s creating music videos, using household items to recreate famous pieces of artwork or even connecting residents at other communities through our pen pal program.

While we haven’t been able to all dine together, our Culinary Teams continue to incorporate fresh and local items into every delicious meal. 

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Dressed to the Nines: Verda's Story

VerdaAt American House, everyone has a story. Some are a little more surprising than others. Like Verda’s. Turns out Verda was a Playboy Bunny. She says the mansion was nice. But she prefers The House.