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Dressed to the Nines: Verda's Story

At American House, everyone has a story. Some are a little more surprising than others. Like Verda’s. Turns out Verda was a Playboy Bunny. She says the mansion was nice. But she prefers The House.

Verda has lived a very multifaceted life. She and her husband had a yacht and often hosted very fancy, formal parties for their friends and families. Verda loved to host these events and went so far as to provide each of her guests with formal attire to wear. She just loved dressing to the nines, especially in Vegas. Verda and her husband were quite the “high rollers” back in the day.

In addition to being a glamorous Playboy Bunny and living in the mansion, Verda was also a bookkeeper for an upscale restaurant for many years. Beauty and brains!Verda

Verda lived in Michigan for years where she loved to play golf, go boating and fish. Halloween is Verda’s favorite holiday. Last year, she dressed up like a bunny in homage to her early years. Today, Verda is quick to offer a compliment, smile and encouraging word. In fact, according to Daisy Godbee, our Life Enrichment Director at American House Fort Myers, during happy hour, when the drink cart comes around and Verda is asked, “Red or white?” Without hesitation she responds, “Whatever is easiest for you, honey.”

VerdaVerda is not only smart, charming, kind, beautiful, funny and sweet… She’s the inspiration for our new campaign, “Your Story. To Be Continued.” Last year, our CEO, Dale Watchowski, had the honor of meeting Verda on one of his listening tours where he visits communities across the nation.

“I would like to say these tours are selfless, that I do them for my team and residents, but the truth is, I get so much out of them. I get to meet people like Verda and Daisy. I could spend days talking with residents and team members listening to their stories. They live and have lived such rich and rewarding lives. They have so much wisdom and humor to share.” – Dale Watchowski, CEO, American House Senior Living Communities

At American House, our mission is to celebrate every person, every story. We’re grateful for our residents and families who share their lives with us, and for all our team members who show up every day with a heart of gold, ready to help our residents write their next best chapter.

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