Activities & Programs in Senior Living

With a robust calendar of social activities and events, seniors can focus on staying healthy and active while building rich, lasting friendships.

In senior living, each day brings an opportunity to stay active, learn something new and create friendships with like-minded people. Take part in a fitness class, join a group that discusses current events or let green thumbs help beautify their surroundings. By providing experiences for mind, body and spirit, retirement communities help contribute to overall well-being.


Resident programs in senior living should provide as many opportunities as possible for activities that promote happiness and healthiness. Contributing to this lifestyle are engaging, social-based activities that help boost daily thinking, improve mental acuity and build confidence.

Every good fitness program offers great benefits.
Our brain health, wellness and enhanced mindfulness programming provides a well-rounded blueprint for you to create a positive outlook and a healthy lifestyle.

Key Elements:

  • Understand the science behind brain health
  • Socialize, engage and get to know people on a new level
  • Learn by doing and develop memory skills that will rev up your recall
  • Adapt simple strategies to help you remember names, lists and stories
  • Incorporate healthy nutrition as part of your overall wellness


  • Cognitive training supports better attention, quick thinking, multi-tasking, short-term memory and reasoning
  • Physical exercise improves blood flow and memory; it stimulates chemical changes in the brain that enhance learning, mood and thinking
  • Social interaction provides emotional balance and boosts intellectual stimulation
  • Collaboration with others helps you retain information
  • Eating smart can positively impact brain health

As part of our overall mindfulness programing, we offer Total Brain Health® classes. Developed by noted brain fitness expert, Dr. Cynthia R. Green, these hands-on, highly social workouts are designed to empower you to be brain healthy and provide the tools to help you build sharper thinking and better memory. Learn more here.

Living Well Is Being Well

In conjunction with our mission, we offer a maintenance-free lifestyle designed around our belief that if you live well, you will be well. With our range of diverse programming, you’ll concentrate on your health and wellness goals, explore new interests and continue your story in the company of friends and loved ones.

Watch this interview with our senior housing activities and wellness expert, Jodie Audia RN. BSN, about how we ensure that residents' wellness is supported through research-driven programming:

Experience it for yourself.

As part of our Life Enrichment programming, residents take part in an exciting year-long program called Explore More. It features monthly travel “destinations” to interesting locales. Each month offers a different cultural and geographical theme, and our residents enjoy unique dining experiences, costumes, trivia, documentaries and location-related films, cooking demonstrations, live entertainment and more.

Our highly engaging music program, Hearts Beats, gives our residents in all care levels the opportunity to sing, listen, play and discuss music in a collaborative group setting. Music exerts a powerful influence on people, and our program helps reduce stress, inspire happy memories and creates connectedness with friends.

Additionally, Independent Living and Assisted Living residents enjoy a wide range of activities, including:

Brunch Bunch
Resident “foodies” step out for camaraderie and culinary exploration at a new location each month.

Film Festival
Head to the theater before a film to mingle and sample our chefs’ creations, cleverly themed for the feature.

News, Views & Brews
Discuss current events while enjoying local craft brew in the evening and fresh-ground coffee in the morning.

Wellness U
This is a guided, informational monthly exploration of a variety of health and wellness topics.

In addition, our residents join weekly social hours and group outings, and enjoy seminars and live entertainment. Find an American House community that offers the lifestyle that’s right for you!

Join us for an upcoming activity or event. You’ll get a sense of what our maintenance-free lifestyle has to offer and maybe make a few friends! Check out our list of communities and call to schedule your visit today.

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