Living Well Memory Care
Person-centric care for memory needs

At American House, we create a care plan designed for your personal well-being. You will be our focus and will continue your story in a supportive environment where your health and happiness matter. You’ll live your best life with a combination of social interaction, nutritious meals and stimulating programming that includes independent and group activities.

Your story is one of a kind, different than anyone else’s, and we want to know every chapter. In doing so, we create a care plan just for you.

Your Personalized Pathway

Our American House Living Well Memory Care program was created using the in-depth research of a gerontologist and a clinical psychologist specializing in brain health. Their studies established that a healthy combination of social interaction, nutritious foods, stimulating programming and physical activity every day is necessary to being your best self. These findings pave a personalized pathway; one that provides daily purpose and variety with the continuous care and support of our dedicated team.

  • Cognitive Stimulation
    An important part of our resident care includes wellness and enhanced mindfulness programming. Daily social-based brain training workouts help maintain cognitive abilities and assist in preventing decline.

  • Sound Nutrition
    Mealtime offers a wide variety of foods that benefit the mind and body. Our residents’ personal choices and nutritional needs are respected, and social interaction is encouraged, sparking joy in each day.

  • Daily Physical Activity
    Each resident has a unique daily plan for physical activity that encompasses a range of gentle, effective movements. We’ll work toward maintaining balance to prevent falls and enhancing skills that improve daily living.

  • Social Engagement
    While some of our residents are social butterflies who form friendships easily, others need support and encouragement. The key to person-centric care is ensuring every resident benefits from the socialization that is right for them.

A middle-aged woman and her older mother facing the camera and smiling
Mom’s favorite activity is chair yoga! Beth - Bonita Springs, Florida

Kayla chose American House for her Mom, Beth.

This is their story.

My Mom and I visit often, and I take comfort knowing she’s cared for when I’m not with her. Her caregivers have developed a meaningful relationship with her, and they are obviously an important part of her every day.

In the morning, one of her caregivers assists with getting ready, and although it takes them extra time, they even help her with her makeup. I know this means a lot to Mom.

After breakfast, Mom loves attending aromatherapy. It sets her up for a calm and relaxed day. Her favorite activity is chair yoga. It’s normally scheduled right after aromatherapy so it’s a smooth transition for her.

Lunch usually flies by, and her care team makes sure she stops midday to have a cup of hot tea. They help her choose her tea, and she really enjoys the whole process. Dinner is always the main event of the evening…Mom enjoys seeing her friends and neighbors!

With our mission Living Well Is Being Well™ as the foundation, and your story as our guide, we personalize your daily path of care and overall well-being to help you be your best self.