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5 Amazing Benefits of Respite Care

Did you know 20% of seniors are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge?

It’s not uncommon for seniors to be discharged from the hospital before they’re ready. This can create a situation where seniors are not prepared, physically or emotionally, to make a speedy recovery on their own. And let’s face it, you may not be prepared to provide the level of care your loved one needs.

The good news is you have options, including respite care. You may be asking, “What is respite care exactly?”

Respite care is temporary care that allows individuals to receive the attention they need following outpatient procedures, hospital stays or when a caregiver is away.

American House offers short- or long-term respite care services when you need it most.

Here are the top five benefits of respite care after an outpatient procedure or hospital stay:

1. Respite Care Can Reduce the Chance of Hospital Readmission

After surgery or a hospital stay, continuity of care during the transition from a hospital to home is crucial. Respite care can provide assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL), physical therapy, meals, housekeeping, 24-hour care staff and more.

2. Experience the Comfort of Home

American House communities offer resort-style amenities, and beautifully-furnished, private apartments with spacious floor plans. Enjoy delicious meals, prepared by our culinary team to give you “homemade” feel. We encourage our guests to bring their favorite personal items, making it feel like home!

3. Chauffeured Transportation

We offer personal and scheduled transportation during a respite stay. In the situation that a medical professional cannot visit the community, we will make arrangements so our guests can get to where they need to be.

4. Care Coordination 

We believe in making connections with a senior’s medical team and family. Our care staff stays in communication with our resident’s doctors and families to ensure we are providing the best possible care and experience.

5. Carefree Recovery

Our respite program allows individuals to focus on the most important issue: restoring their health. By receiving care from an expert team, and knowing that their caregiver is getting time to relax, guests feel reduced levels of stress, guilt and anxiety.

Stop in or call your local American House to learn more about our respite care program. 

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