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5 Reasons Older Women ROCK!

Forget about what the trendiest mags say about aging. Here, five reasons older women ROCK!

1) Experience deems older women “experts”. Fine, we should definitely take the advice of professionals under consideration. But don’t sleep on grandma’s advice! If she’s “been there and done that”, chances are, she won’t steer you wrong.

2) Masters at managing emotions. When’s the last time you saw a mature woman in full meltdown mode? You probably haven’t. Many older women have mastered managing their emotions. This isn’t to say they’re cold fish. They’ve experienced a lifetime of emotional ups and downs, so they tend to meet challenges with a resolve many younger women have yet to learn.

3) Her voice matters. Most women over the age of 60 grew up in a time where women’s opinions, and even their rights, were an afterthought. Today, their voices are very much a part of everyday conversations, from policy-making to fashion trends.

4) They stress less. Akin to managing their emotions, older women seem to stress less than younger women. Again, experience is likely behind their “cool as a cucumber” exterior. While physical and cognitive health may decline, a 2016 study suggests mental health improves with age. Certainly a happier outlook on life could result in less stress and anxiety.

5) They’re self-aware. Older women know themselves. They’re aware of their strengths and limitations, and often appreciate the perceived flaws of their youth.

Aging is a privilege – not a problem to be solved. Kudos to all the older women out there, ROCKing their age like the badge of honor it is – we salute you!

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