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5 Trends in Senior Living

As senior living options evolve and as older adults age, they are looking for more than just a place to live. Seniors today can expect beautifully-designed apartments with spacious floor plans, resort-style accommodations, a number of social activities and on-site medical services, with the ability to provide care during every stage of life.

Unlike their predecessors, senior living communities now offer a resort-like feel, where seniors can experience live musical performances and entertainment, customized fitness classes, continuing education opportunities, professional beauty/barber facilities, onsite faith-based services, inviting game rooms and more.

Here are five trends happening in today’s senior living industry.

1. Goodbye to institutional living

We’ve been seeing the move away from the nursing home model of care for some time now. Senior living communities focus on an older adult’s lifestyle, and often have a calendar of diverse activities and events, including a variety of cultural, social, recreational and spiritual programming. Seniors can look forward to beautifully-designed apartments with spacious floor plans, rather than having an institutional, hospital feel.

2. The rise of technology

Smart phones, tablets and computers are giving residents quick access to scheduling, actives, menus and the ability to connect with family members. Apps such as Connected Living, provide an effective direct line of communication to between residents, families and staff. Some features include private social networking and informational groups, instant access to community information, increased family engagement and immediate push notifications for urgent communications.

We are also seeing senior living communities adopt the use of virtual reality. Virtual reality technology can provide seniors a way to enjoy new adventures, without ever having to leave the comforts of home. Recent research suggests engaging with virtual reality may even help improve brain health.

Not to mention, there are many wearable vital trackers and one-touch devices to call for assistance.

3. 24/7 access to care

For many seniors and their families, the thought of an accident, no matter how minor, is cause for concern. While not all seniors require assistance, wouldn’t it be good to know you have access to a team of health care providers should you need them? Progressive care, a concept that allows a person to remain in his or her current environment, despite the physical and/or mental changes that may occur during the aging process, is one that has been adopted by many senior living communities. It provides the peace of mind that seniors and their families need.

4. Pet-Friendly

Many senior living communities are pet-friendly. That means you don’t have to worry about not being able to bring your four-legged friend along. Some communities even include pet-friendly amenities like walking trails and off-leash dog areas.

5. More amenities and services

Today’s senior living communities offer more amenities and services than ever before. For example, the dining experience is not only tailored to specially to benefit health, but also to provide delicious, locally-sources menu options. With fresh meals prepared by an in-house culinary team, residents enjoy meals with friends in a restaurant atmosphere.  

There’s also never a dull moment when it comes to living at a community. Someone is always there to share a laugh with you, catch up on the latest TV show, or take a walk around the neighborhood. Moving into a senior living community allows for plenty of socialization, new friends and a ton of things to do including live musical performances and entertainment, many fitness classes, continuing education opportunities, professional beauty/barber salon, onsite chapel services, inviting game rooms and so much more.

Senior living has changed drastically over the years - experience it for yourself! At American House, we offer a variety of amenities, services and care plans to fit you or your loved ones needs, and our maintenance-free lifestyle allows residents to live life to its fullest. Are you ready to enjoy senior living at its finest? Give us a call and schedule a tour today and come see for yourself why so many seniors call American House home.


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