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Childhood friends, Korean War veterans reunite in West Michigan after years apart | CBS Detroit

After losing touch for years, two friends in their 90s reunited at a senior living facility in West Michigan.

The two were inseparable until one of them passed just a couple of weeks ago.

Ray Klomparens and Bill Penna reunited at the American House in Holland, where Klomparens was able to spend his final days with his childhood friend.

The American House care team said on Klomparens' move-in day, Penna waited at the door for him.

Growing up together in West Michigan, they both enlisted in the military to fight in the Korean War and even raised their families together until they lost touch.

"He was always so carefree [and] easygoing. No matter how things were rough, he was always okay," Penna said. "Ray was a real warrior, and he didn't brag about it."

Throughout their lives, the two spent decades hunting together, and once reunited, spent every day together until May 18, 2023, when Klomparens died.

Penna and American House honored the life and legacy of Klomparens on Memorial Day with a celebration.

Read the full story at CBS.

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