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A Coach's Story Will Inspire You

Pete, who calls American House Troy home, is 82 years old and is proud to say, “I was born on the same day as Abe Lincoln.”

Pete first became interested in football during grade school and continued playing through his college years. 

Born a natural leader, he always took on the quarterback position. 

As a part of championship winning teams, Pete admits, “I was always a starter.”

Peter and Teresa PucherHis love for football never faded. When he retired his role as quarterback, he took on a new title - coach. 

For 18 years, Pete was a coach, teacher and guidance counselor. He led three high school teams and spent two years at the college level. 

After his coaching years, he was involved in the Cleveland, Ohio, city government, serving 10 years as its director of public properties. The rest of his career was spent fundraising for John Carroll University. He retired to Florida, where he continued his volunteer work. 
Pete is the proud recipient of four, “Man of the Year” awards, which he received from Cleveland’s United Way and Cathedral Latin School. 

Pete was also featured in the book, “The Courage to Survive” by Dennis J. Kucinich. 

Kucinich wrote, “He was the third person to save my life by teaching me the importance of disciple and keeping my promises.”

Today, Pete enjoys “talking football” and admits he couldn’t have obtained his success without his wife of 60 years, Terrie. 

“I like to review my winning seasons, old plays and most of all hearing from former players who succeeded at the college and at the professional level,” Pete explained.

He continued with, “My goal was not only to teach football, but to raise good men.”

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