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Doris and Robert's 71st Anniversary | Mirror-Exchange

When Doris and Robert Cash celebrated 71 years of marriage on August 10, 2023, they joined the 4,700 other couples who reached the milestone of 70 years of marriage, according to statistics of the U.S. Census Bureau.

The story of this American House Jackson couple reads like a romance novel, complete with the meeting under the sycamore tree to ice-cream dates and being crowned Valentines King and Queen by their community. Of course, life served up its share of challenges, but with the strength of their love and mutual support, they created a wonderful life together. Robert retired from a 15-year career and he and Doris built a business together. Doris’ pie-making skills were pivotal in the success of their café. Likely her creamy chocolate pies are still legend in Medina, Tennessee.

What happens to the spark of young love for a couple who have weathered seven decades together? For Robert and Doris, their love hasn’t dimmed a bit and, in fact, shines brighter than ever. They inspire their fellow residents and are happy to share their words of wisdom on maintaining patience, communication and mutual respect. “When there’s a difference of opinion, it’s best to take a step back and calm down before talking and losing your cool,” Robert said.

Take a minute to read about their love story in this Mirror-Exchange article and collect more pearls of wisdom from a couple who remain happy after 71 years together.

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