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Easing the experience of aging in Oak Park | The Wednesday Journal

News Source: The Wednesday Journal 

For many seniors, there comes a time when it makes sense to leave the family home and move into a senior living facility. A variety of factors can play into making the decision. Perhaps their single-family home’s maintenance has become too much, or medical needs mean it’s no longer safe or comfortable to stay in their homes. 

Many struggle with the decision to move into a senior living facility. And, once the decision to move is made, choosing a place that feels like it can be home for the next stage in life can be another challenge.

Oak Park is home to multiple senior living facilities, and the newest, American House, 703 Madison St., recently welcomed its first residents. A few of these residents, all moving from within Oak Park, discussed with Wednesday Journal why they made the move.

Doug Wyman raised nine children with his wife Barbara in Oak Park. When Barbara passed away four years ago due to complications of Alzheimer’s, Wyman stayed in his home and continued to stay active in community events and with Ascension Parish.

When he began to explore senior living, he wanted to stay in the area, if possible. Three of his children are nearby, and he liked the location. 

“Here it is right on Madison, right in the middle of everything,” Wyman said. “It’s close to Ascension and everything else in the Oak Park area.”

While Wyman has a car, which he can park in the garage at American House, he also liked that he has the option to use transportation provided by American House or by Oak Park Township.

His daughter, Mary Wyman, in town from the Los Angeles area to get her father settled, said American House has made the transition easy for her father. She points out that the facility accommodates her father’s small dog.

“Dad loves Tai Chi, and he wants to do it in the morning, and they help that happen,” she said.

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