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Eve's Story: Art Inspires

Older woman laughing at paintingEve, who calls American House Coconut Point home, says, “I’ll be in my twenties forever!”

She grew up in Detroit, Michigan and attended Cass Technical High School, where she focused on art. Eve later majored in journalism at Wayne State University in Detroit. She later moved to Florida to enjoy the sun. 

Eve has always gravitated to the arts. Her interest began as a child with sketching and painting. 

“I come from a culture of multitasking. I am always doing many things at once. I love painting. I love color, depth and making things,” she explains.

When Eve’s husband started excelling in his career and working long hours, Eve focused on doing what she loved. 

“Art is my interpretation of things. I don’t do it just to do it, I need to create something,” Eve said. 

Due to caring for her family, Eve took a break from art for many years.Two older women and a man holding balloons

She would soon realize how much she missed creating, and took an art class working with pastels. During the class, she painted a beautiful, lifelike apple, “I can still do this,” she thought. This inspired her to pick up the paintbrush again. 

Today Eve enjoys spending time with her friends. For her most recent birthday, she threw herself a party. She invited American House residents to enjoy pizza, cake and beverages.

Her biggest piece of advice when it comes to art is, “Learn to draw before you learn to paint.”

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