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Find Your Happy This Holiday

‘Tis the season for lots of cheer; but for many seniors, the holidays can be quite lonely. As the autumn décor comes down, making room for big red bows and yards of tinsel, here are a few things you can do to help spark the holiday spirit!

Give thanks: It’s more difficult to complain when you’re actively looking for opportunities to give thanks. Take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on the many blessings, big and small, you’ve experienced over the years.

Attend senior-friendly events: For some, the holidays can be very isolating, especially if you live alone. This year, skip your usual routine and check out your local senior center for upcoming holiday events. Enjoy a meal with your peers, make new friends during an outing, or if you reside at a senior living community, take advantage of scheduled holiday-themed events and activities.

Phone a friend: It’s easy to fall out of fellowship with friends and family –maybe it’s time to reconnect. This holiday season, reach out to old friends and extended family. Send a holiday card, or give your loved one a call. Reestablishing a friendship may help put the “happy” back in your holiday.

Lend a hand: Volunteer both your time and talents this holiday season to worthy causes and/or organizations. Local charities may have opportunities for volunteers to deliver toys to children, visit the affirmed in hospitals, or serve a hot meal to hungry veterans. Whatever the cause, lending a hand to help others may bring a little more joy to your world.

Get some sun: If you live in an area that feels like the North Pole during the winter months, staying indoors all season can sound tempting; but our bodies crave the sun. Make a daily commitment to heading outdoors to enjoy some fresh air while soaking up a healthy dose of vitamin D. Take a short walk and you’ll find, not only will the rays do some good, but a little exercise may also help if you’re having the holiday blues.

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