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Fort Myers Woman Turns 110 Years Old | 96k.Rock

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A Fort Myers woman turns 110 years old just in time to celebrate another holiday season.  Wow! 110! The milestone happened for Anna Natella on November 21. Over the weekend, friends and family gathered for a big celebration at her residence in American House Fort Myers.

The staff planned all kinds of games and served a festive cake, however, they opted out of decorating it with 110 candles. Anna was born in Italy. She lived in New York for a number of years before moving to the east coast of Florida, then finally Fort Myers.

Anna’s family traveled from parts north to celebrate with her. Everyone from her daughter to her great great granddaughter “Avery.” It just so happens that Avery’s birthday is the same as Anna’s. She turned  9 years old. What a great gift to be born on the same day and also to celebrate together!

The Lee County Sheriff’s department also stopped in and a few members from St. John’s Catholic church.

When asked her advice to the younger generation, Anna said, “Never tell a lie and always be honest.”

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