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Getting Involved at Your Local Senior Center

With warmer weather approaching, it is a great time for seniors to get outside and meet some other seniors! It’s no secret, the cold, dreary winter days can leave us feeling unmotivated and even depressed. One of the easiest ways to do this is through your local senior center.

What is a senior center?

A senior center is a community building that provides activities, services and programs specifically designed for older adults. These centers typically offer services such as health and wellness programs, social activities, educational classes and meals. Senior centers provide a great way for seniors to stay active and engaged in their communities.

In addition to the many benefits they offer, senior centers also serve as a hub for social interaction among older adults. By attending events and participating in various programs at these centers, seniors can forge new friendships, strengthen existing connections, and create a strong support network. The wide array of activities and classes available at senior centers caters to diverse interests, ensuring that everyone can find something they enjoy. Furthermore, the staff and volunteers at these centers are often dedicated to creating a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere where seniors feel valued and respected.

5 Reasons to Join a Local Senior Center.

1. The cost is nominal.

Memberships are annual and range typically from $20-$30 if you are a resident of that city. You can also join cities outside of your local residence for a little higher price point. Many seniors are involved in multiple senior centers.

2. Find others with common interests.

Senior centers have a large range of activities to offer to seniors, whether it is yoga, cards, pickleball clinics, tai chi, Cornhole, water Exercise, knitting/crocheting and the list goes on! There is something for everyone. They also plan special outings to baseball games, museums, and local events you may be interested in attending. Educational presentations are made available to you, such as current SCAMS that may be targeting seniors or getting blood pressure checks and hearing aid assistance. The resources are endless!

3. Enjoy Meals with Others

Some senior centers may have a chef onsite and provide lunches daily for a small donation. Themed parties along with meals can be a great way to mingle and make new friends, whether it’s a Christmas Party or a St. Patrick’s Party with some green beer!

4. Transportation Provided

Depending on the city, they may work with a local transportation company to assist with picking up and dropping off seniors that do not drive.

5. Looking out for other seniors

Once friends and relationships are established, you are able to look out for one another. If someone always comes to a certain activity or meal and suddenly you are not seeing them there, staff can be made aware to check in on them or contact their family to make sure everything is okay.

It has been proven by experts that socialization in older adults keeps the brain sharp and can decrease the risk of developing dementia. Socialization also provides psychological benefits, such as improved mental health, sense of belonging, increased self-esteem, accountability and purposeful living.

The benefits of joining your local senior center are endless, from improved mental health to increased self-esteem and purposeful living. You can take the first step by finding a senior center near you. The Senior Center Directory is a great place to start. The site lists hundreds of senior centers throughout the United States, along with their contact information.

Many of the same benefits—such as events specially geared towards seniors and increased social connection—can be found in senior living communities. American House Senior Living residents enjoy a robust calendar of activities, chef-prepared meals, weekly housekeeping, salon and barber shop services, fitness centers and so much more. With locations in Florida, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Ohio and Tennessee, you’re sure to find the proper level of care and services to fit your needs.

We offer Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and* Respite Care.

  • Care provided by an independent, third-party health care provider at select communities.

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Rachel Nagorsen

Rachel Nagorsen has worked in the senior industry for the past 20 years. She graduated from Oakland University with a major in Journalism. During her time in college, she was an intern at WDIV and enjoys broadcasting and public speaking. Rachel loves being able to combine her passion for writing with her love for working with seniors.

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