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Happy National Nurses Week: You all make a difference.

If you’ve had an exceptional hospital nurse or a great connection with one in your doctor’s office, think about that experience. What is it about that person that left you with a positive impression? A really good nurse may have a stellar personality or tell great stories and make you laugh. They may just instill quiet confidence when you need it most. Whatever it is, it’s likely one of those special people comes to mind during National Nurses Week.

Being a Nurse in Senior Living
For our American House residents, nurses are more than just people they see once or in passing. They are in the community and part of their daily existence. Like family, nurses become confidantes; they are the people our residents look forward to seeing, who they rely on. For the nurses, their work is so much more than the mechanics of health care. In a senior living community, their primary tool is compassionate care.

Never underappreciated, these people may get up every day like regular folks, but there is nothing regular about them. The hardworking nurses that serve our American House communities are truly Superstars in Scrubs. In addition to their dedicated service to the health of every resident, they maintain relationships with patience, communication and compassion. These nurses have full-time interaction and as such, can observe details in residents that make a big difference in their care. Additionally, they may perform any of the following and more:

  • Administer medication and monitor the well-being of residents
  • Complete clinical assessments
  • Correspond with family members
  • Designate nursing assignments and set work schedules
  • Coordinate with external health care professionals

During National Nurses Week, May 6–12, be sure to thank the nurses in your life! That one brief statement means the world to them.

American House Vice President of Resident Care, Kayla Meek, says it best, "During Nurses Week, we celebrate the unwavering dedication of our nurses who go above and beyond to ensure the health and happiness of our residents. Your compassion, expertise and tireless commitment make a world of difference every single day. Thank you for being the heart of our caregiving community."

Are you interested in becoming part of our story? A career in our senior living communities is life changing. With training and guidance, we help you find your place in the company and teach valuable skills that allow you to move up and become a leader.

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