Honor the Women in Your Life

March 30, 2018
Celebrating everyday heroes this Women's History Month.
By Ayana King - American House

As March comes to a close,  take the time to reflect on all the amazing women we’ve celebrated, nation-wide, during this Women’s History Month. From political powerhouses to the most prolific female artists in the entertainment industry, there were many notable women from diverse backgrounds to celebrate. But, what about the women in your life?

Our mothers, grandmothers, and daughters have extraordinary stories to share too. At American House, we hear astonishing, first-hand accounts about our residents’ lives all the time, and we’re continually amazed by what they share with us.

Ms. Kathy

Kazmiera "Kathy" Polanski

From real-life, tragic and true survivors’ accounts from residents like Kazmiera “Kathy” Polanski, a Holocaust survivor, to stories wrapped in romance and valor, we understand heroes aren’t always draped in glitz and glamour – sometimes, they’re ordinary women who’ve made amazing sacrifices in the service of others. These women were nurses and educators, U.S. veterans and machine shop workers, like resident Eudora Gentry, during World War II. All of them deserve our recognition.  Women have always had a place in our nation’s history, taking a stance on the most important issues of the day - even when their cries for justice and equality were muted. The full impact of their heroism may never be known. Make it your mission to help share their stories.

Eudora Gentry 
Eudora Gentry

This month, and all year long, honor your loved ones and engage the women in your life. Ask them about their experiences, get to know them all over again, and if available, write down their accounts as an oral record of your family’s history. These women are makers of change - celebrate them proudly!

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