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Hospitality at American House

At Our House, we’re dedicated to creating the best dining experience, which means we prepare meals that taste good, have nutritional value and are served in an engaging, positive atmosphere.

Our culinary team focuses on color and flavor, ensuring a delicious, attractive presentation. They also consider the environment, fine tuning lighting and music, and providing personal service with plenty of interaction.

Our goal is to create memorable moments at our table every day. We know there's nothing like dining with friends - telling stories, trading jokes or just enjoying good conversation over a delicious meal.

Here, we put the experience at the forefront, which allows us to deliver more truly sets us apart from the market. Nothing is overlooked.

“The reason we call it hospitality at American House, and not just the culinary department, is because we focus on the experience. We go beyond just the flavors and the textures of the food, to look at variety and customization. The presentation, color and aroma of the meal, the nutritional value, the lighting, the music and of course, the relationship service personnel have with our residents,” explained Wolfgang Ebenbichler, Vice President of Hospitality.

Our menu composition adheres to our rule of “Delicious Nutrition,” with great tasting food that promotes health, boosts energy and includes nutrients to help maximize longevity.

“We are adamant about controlling the ingredients in the food we serve. That means we are not going to use powdered sauces, frozen desserts and other methods that are far too common in our industry. By doing this, we can compose not just the best flavors and freshest aromas, we can include the most important nutritional factors. For example, we know omegas 3, 6 and 9, are important for heart health so we incorporate them into our meals,” said Ebenbichler.

The emotional part of dining is a huge driver of our Memory Care program. Our culinary team does their research, creating meals with flavors, smells and textures that illicit positive feelings and appeal to residents. 

“We know tastes and smells trigger emotions. If you smell cinnamon and cloves, it might take you back to the holidays or your grandma’s cooking. This isn’t something we can control, it’s an emotional response, so the emotional part of dinning will always be in the forefront of our memory care programming, “ noted Ebenbichler.

To help bring dignity to the experience, we supply flatware and plates that make it easier to eat independently.

“We have purchased bright white plates with a deep rim and have sourced heavy weight spoons that are designed to be used by hands that may be shaky, so our residents can continue to eat on their own. We also use special molds for the fresh puree to shape the foods our residents are eating,” explained Ebenbichler.

Collaborating with our Life Enrichment teams, we promote interactive experiences by building menus around dynamic programs that use food and drink to accentuate exciting events. Our procurement company in 2021 will help us upgrade our menu and nutritional offerings with more quality meats and seafood and fresh local produce to help us prepare delicious homemade meals. We will add more fine dining opportunities, offering multiple courses and wine on a regular basis.

As we look toward the future, plans continue to focus on interaction. We’ll be rolling out a “Chef’s Stage” in our communities; a small open kitchen installed in the dining rooms that give residents access to the cooking experience. Our chefs and residents will create together, allowing for education and experimentation. Residents become part of the process, sharing input on meals that become regular menu items.

We know that people expect more in hospitality. At American House, we’re here to ensure you get it. Your story. To be continued. 

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