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Is It the Right Time To Move Into A Senior Living Community?

Contemplating a move to a senior living community can seem difficult or overwhelming. Despite the benefits and appealing lifestyle of senior living, you or your loved one might still be asking the question, “Am I ready?”

The truth is, most retirees find relocating to a senior community is one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. Today’s communities offer beautifully-designed apartments with spacious floor plans, resort-style accommodations, and a number of social activities. The safety and security of a senior living community can also provide peace of mind.

Whether you’re active and independent, or need some assistance with daily tasks, here are few signs that you may be ready for the move:

  • You feel like your home is too much work and your yard isn’t as neat as it could be.
  • You would rather have chauffeured transportation.
  • You would enjoy attending more social events and outings.
  • Going to the grocery store feels too stressful.
  • You’re not eating as much as you used too, cooking feels like to much of a task and you have expired food in the house.
  • Your laundry is piling up.
  • Caring for your pet is difficult.
  • It’s hard to keep up with bills and opening mail in a timely manner.
  • Managing your medications is stressful.
  • You worry about falling or injuring yourself in your home.
  • Dressing and bathing are becoming increasingly difficult.

If you’ve agreed with any of these statements, or you’ve made the decision that you’re ready, you may question the next steps. Do your research! Visit your local communities, talk with residents, and attend events.

What are some of the benefits of senior living at American House?

You can sell the lawn mower: Love the look of a well-manicured lawn, but hate doing the work it takes to keep it that way? Join the club. Many senior living communities have beautifully- landscaped grounds which include walking paths and tranquil gardens. No need to worry about shoveling snow, raking leaves or watering the lawn – we’ve got that covered.

Transportation issues are a thing of the past: Even active seniors sometimes find themselves stuck at home when reliable transportation is unavailable. However, most senior living communities provide transportation, free of charge. Whether going on an outing with friends and neighbors, picking up a few items from the grocery store, or seeing your physician for a follow up visit, transportation personnel can assist you.

Like a hotel – only better: Too much house and not enough help? Many senior living communities offer services like housekeeping, laundry and maintenance. You’ll never have to worry about folding fitted sheets or changing the furnace filter again.

Restaurant-style dining – every day: No need to thaw out that one chicken breast hiding in the back of the icebox for two months. Enjoy a healthy, delicious meal, prepared by the community’s chef, every day of the week. Bonus: You’ll never have to eat alone.

There’s never a dull moment: If you live alone, you may understand how isolating it can be. After moving to a senior living community, many retirees discover new interests, take up old ones or develop friendships with neighbors. Scheduled outings, live entertainment, fitness classes and other social gatherings can be a mood booster for seniors suffering from loneliness.

Access to care: For many seniors and their families, the thought of an accident, no matter how minor, is cause for concern. While not all seniors require assistance, wouldn’t it be good to know you have access to a team of health care providers should you need them? Progressive care, a concept that allows a person to remain in his or her current environment, despite the physical and/or mental changes that may occur during the aging process, is one that has been adopted by many senior living communities, providing the peace of mind that seniors and their families need.

Senior living has changed drastically over the years; maybe it’s time you contemplated if settling in at a senior living community is the right move for you. Come see why so many seniors call American House home! Give us a call and schedule a tour today!

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