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The Korwins: A Love Story

Born in Detroit to Casimir and Julia in 1930, Jerome Korwin or as we like to call him “Jerry”, grew up with one sister who was only 10 months older! At the age of 11, Jerry got his first job as a paperboy. That kept him busy until the age of 17 when he sold his route.

“I ended my paper career on a Sunday, and Monday I started at the telephone company,” Jerry said.

Jerry was a Commercial Radio Operator and took care of all the television networks. He explained you could have as many as 15 television channels, a couple hundred radio channels, and 5,000 telephone lines. He worked there all his career, 42 years!

“He won’t probably say it, but the networks would come in from New York and they always asked for him,” Lillian, his wife, chimed in.

Lillian is the only child and born in Detroit to Leonard and Elizabeth. She worked as a secretary in the tax department for General Motors at the age of 20. They grew up in the heart of the depression and their evenings were spent collecting “junk” and everyone had Victory Gardens to grow extra vegetables. As they held hands, they told the story of how they met. “It was a blind date” they said together.

Lillian explained a mutual friend said, “You’re Polish, he’s Polish, you’re both not dating.”

They had their first date six weeks before he left for the Korean War. They weren’t for sure where they went for their first date, but they both knew for sure after “we didn’t like each other,” they both laughed.

He ended up calling a few days after and they did go on another date. He was about to leave for the Korean War so they came to an understanding if it was meant to be, it would be. They wrote to each other the whole time he was gone. “Lots of letters,” Lillian said, “lots of letters.” Jerry got home in 1952 and they married in 1953.

Lillian and Jerry had three children and raised them on the East Side of Detroit. They agreed faith is a huge part of their relationship. They have been through many challenges in their lifetime but have so many reasons to be happy. “God knows what He is doing. The Holy Spirit, if you’re open to it, you are fine.”

When Jerry had a medical emergency, it sped up their need to move into a Senior Community. They moved to American House senior living in St. Clair Shores during the pandemic of 2020. With Jerry recovering and being in a brand-new place that couldn’t have visitors come in freely, it was very hard for them. “The staff is wonderful,” Lillian said, “They were compassionate and caring and still are. ”When they were finally able to come down to the dining room for a meal, they were greeted by another couple, “Ya know, there are very few of us couples here, would you like to have dinner with us tomorrow?”

From then on out, they found their new best friends and made so many more! Now, Lillian and Jerry always be sure to greet and welcome new people that move in and make them feel welcome!

We all have a story. A story that taught us something, changed us and helped define who we are. At American House, your next chapter is waiting to be written. We’re here to help you write it. Your way.

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American House Senior Living has been helping residents add to their life stories since 1979. Start your next chapter where new experiences happen daily, and new friends are ready to be made.

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