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Make the Most of Your Doctor's Visit

Whether seeing a new physician or returning to your family practitioner, maintaining open communication with your doctor is important. Here are a few tips for making the most of your next doctor’s visit.

List your concerns: Write down a checklist of things you want to discuss with your doctor. Don’t leave until you’ve hit every point.

Bring a list of your medications: Jot down a list of your prescriptions, and remember to include over-the-counter medications and supplements. If you’ve noticed any changes since starting new medications, make a special note to discuss these changes with your doctor.

Ask questions: When discussing your health, there are no silly questions. So when they arise internally, address them directly while you have your doctor’s attention. Don’t feel rushed; it’s important that you leave knowing your doctor has heard your concerns.

Bring a loved one: Invite a trusted family member or friend to accompany you on your visit. Sometimes, the information you receive may seem overwhelming. It’s a good idea to have a loved one with you who can take notes, or perhaps ask the questions that may have escaped you.

For more information on preparing for your next doctor’s appointment, click here.

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