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Moving to An Apartment? Don't Give Up On Gardening.

If you’ve transitioned from a home with a well-manicured lawn and sprawling garden to an apartment or condo, you may be suffering from a mild case of the green thumb blues. Relax. Downsizing doesn’t mean you have to give up growing your favorite veggies, herbs and flowers. In fact, indoor gardening allows horticulturalists to reap and sow all year round.

Vertical gardens, or “living walls”, are relatively inexpensive and a great alternative to traditional plots.

Check out 5 benefits of indoor gardening and get growing!

1) Natural air purification - Indoor gardens act as a natural air filter and can help rid your home of toxins. Bonus: Indoor plants are also a natural humidifier.

2) Ease of maintenance - Vertical gardens require less maintenance than traditional ones. Forget about the painstaking process of pulling weeds or ridding your plot of pesky vermin. A little nutrient-rich soil, the right amount of light, and water are the main ingredients for the perfect indoor oasis.

3) Accessible to all - Unlike traditional gardens, there’s no need to get down in the dirt with a living wall. An indoor garden’s ease of access makes it attractive to both new gardeners and anyone who has difficulty with mobility.

4) Liven up your décor - Imagine a wall of beautiful, tropical plants on display in your living room. How about succulents or fresh herbs, 10 different shades of green, in your kitchen? Indoor gardens are as aesthetically pleasing as they are both beneficial and practical.

5) Forever fresh - Enjoy home-grown, fresh herbs, veggies and flowers all year round!

Consider starting your own indoor garden and give your new abode a unique look and feel. For tips on purchasing and planting, visit

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