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Pair offers advice for the young as they celebrate their 101st birthdays | Villages-News

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Most of the world considers 101 as old, but that is not the case for Alice Libretto and Kelly Madden.

American House in Wildwood celebrated in honor of Alice and Kelly who are turning a 101. A joint birthday party was held on Wednesday.

Libretto said she feels “16 again.” She was the oldest of nine children and has worked many careers in her life. Now she enjoys relaxing at American House and is excited to celebrate this milestone birthday. 

“It has good, and it has bad,” Libretto said on how it feels to turn 101.“Every day is truly a gift.”

She thanks God with her heart and soul for each and every day.

She does not think about her age that much because she says that, “If you think you are old in your mind, then you are going to end up feeling old.” That is not what she wants. 

Her advice for the younger generation is, “Life is not perfect, it was not meant to be, but make the most out of it.”

Madden, whose birthday was this past Sunday, was a beautician for 28 years. Last year she celebrated her 100th birthday with 100 balloons and this year she is continuing her tradition by having 101 balloons.

She says it’s a “pain in the neck” turning 101.

“It’s a lot of work dragging your body around for that many days, but I have been living a good life,” Madden added. 

One of the biggest lessons she learned in life was that “think your problems out and do what your gut tells you to do. You will probably come out just fine.”

She says that her life has been very happy thanks to living by this lesson.

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