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Phil: Friend, Therapist, Bus Driver | CBS Ch. 2

The job of the shuttle bus driver at American House Coconut Point is to move people, and Phil moves them in more ways than he knows. “He listens and he helps smooth things over,” said Dave, a resident at the communtiy.

While Phil will drive anyone within a 15-mile radius, he always goes the extra mile...figuratively speaking. His listening ear is legend, and the care he takes in helping his senior passengers during their ride has a huge impact. “I’ve never seen someone put so much care in putting a wheelchair on the bus, but he does” said Patty, American House Life Enrichment Director.

Choosing to drive the bus over retirement, Phil is obviously happy. When told he means a lot to the people he serves, he humbly says, “I hope I do,” flashing his ever-present smile. His kindness and concern are evidence of a man doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing.

Dave summed it up best, “It’s been an honor for me to know him.”

CBS Channel 2 covered Phil’s story in their segment Story 2 Share by Sean Martinelli.

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