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Residents Find Camaraderie in the American House Choir

Life Enrichment Directors at American House are the heartbeat of our communities, planning fun, social events and activities like themed happy hour and gardening club, plus scheduling live entertainment so our residents have plenty opportunities to enjoy  an active, engaged lifestyle. But many American House residents from communities all over Southeast Michigan are the ones doing the entertaining, sharing the gift of song with audiences of all ages.

American House choir group photoEstablished in 2013, the American House Choir was designed to provide residents with the unique opportunity to gather with peers from neighboring American House communities to perform at local schools, senior centers, VA hospitals and other venues. The choir, which includes residents from Wayne, Washtenaw, Oakland and Macomb, Michigan counties, meets twice each month and has a robust performance schedule, adding both the Detroit Institute of Arts and a joint performance with select musicians from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in recent years.

Bingo, board and card games are fun, but if you’re looking for a little more excitement and an opportunity to meet new friends, give the American House Choir a try!

Here, a few reasons to join:

You don’t have to be a star: Our choir is a fun mix of men and women, some whom have been singing in the church choir all their lives, and some who mostly sing in the shower. Still, when our members come together, they harmonize beautifully and always put on a delightful performance for eager audiences. Think you can’t carry a tune? Think again. We’ve found the more voices, no matter the range, the better. And our choir director, Daniel Greig, has an uncanny knack for helping our choir members perfect their pitch.

Go out on the road: Although our schedule doesn’t include a nation-wide tour, our choir members are still happy to board the American House bus and travel to venues throughout Michigan’s Tri-County area. Choir members also enjoy the opportunity to meet at various American House Communities who host rehearsal each month during the choir season. For many residents who are unable to drive, traveling with friends and neighbors is yet another benefit of being part of the American House Choir.

Make new friends: New residents may find joining the American House Choir especially appealing. With nearly 100 choir members from sixteen communities, joining the choir is one of easiest ways to meet lots of new friends. In addition to neighbors at your community, there are also at least two opportunities every month to meet residents at neighboring American House locations during rehearsal and performances. Over the years, our choir members have reconnected with old friends and built lasting relationships with new comrades. New to American House?  Ask your community’s Life Enrichment Director how to get involved.

older woman in choir

"Lady Russell" with LED, Jenna

Brighten someone’s day: Join the American House Choir and bring the gift of song to those who need it most. Choir members love a lighthearted performance, singing at elementary schools, senior centers, and even Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Music Center, home of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. However, choir members have especially enjoyed performing for local Veteran Administration (VA) hospitals, children’s hospitals and centers, like Penrickton Center for Blind Children, an organization serving visually impaired and multi-disabled children.

Interested in learning more about the American House Choir and how you can join this elite group of super seniors – reach out to your community’s Life Enrichment Director today. We can’t wait to welcome you!

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