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The Road to Healthy Aging.

At American House, we provide the blueprint for a more positive lifestyle through our mission, Living Well Is Being Well™, which promotes whole-person health and wellness of the mind, body and spirit.

Our brain health, wellness and enhanced mindfulness programs, along with engaging activities and events, benefit your overall well-being and can play an important role in establishing goals that lead to a better, healthier you.

Enriching The Mind, Body and Spirit.

American House provides programs that support our residents’ overall well-being. “There is science behind the benefits of learning something new,” says Jodie Audia, Vice President of Life Enrichment at American House. “We’re focusing on encouraging people to use their own creativity and discover new interests through our programs, guest speakers and lecturers. We do that by providing our residents with a variety of interesting opportunities.”


Our brain health program is a great example. During brain health training sessions, the atmosphere is lively and social with hands-on activities. Not only do stimulating brain training workouts help boost daily thinking, there is also a social aspect that helps people engage and build confidence.

“The research overwhelmingly points to the importance of social engagement for brain health. It’s important for your physical health and your overall well-being,” says Audia.

For Audia, the initial results have been positive, “The biggest takeaway I’ve had from the breakout program is that it provides a lot of support for our seniors. They feel less alone, engaging with other people who have the same interests, the same daily challenges. It has been absolutely wonderful.”


The brain requires a constant supply of fuel, which comes from the foods you eat. What is in that fuel is important, as is how it is distributed throughout the body. “Physical activity is so important for overall health. It doesn’t necessarily stimulate memory, but it most certainly supports cognitive stimulation in the health of your brain. We offer the opportunity for a lot of different physical activity in the communities; from tai chi to yoga and meditation, weightlifting, strength training and water aerobics,” she says.

Nutrition supports a healthy lifestyle. “In our communities, we consider every meal an opportunity to promote health. We have bone broth, dark leafy greens or fruits and vegetables that reduce your inflammation and helps tremendously with the overall health of your brain,” she says. “It’s like that three-legged stool where you have good nutrition, physical activity and brain health. If you have those, you’re doing good.”


Summing up our programming, Audia puts it this way, “There is no better feeling than affiliation. When you can get individuals who don’t really know each other to socially interact, try new things, learn something about each other—that inspires a positive overall sense of being which helps give purpose to life.”

This emphasis on socialization is critical in the senior population. According to Audia, “Social interaction really trains your brain how to think through different scenarios. I would say, by far, social engagement is one of the most important aspects of our resident programming at American House. It’s getting people together, having those meaningful conversations.” She concludes, “If you feel like you have a purpose in life and you belong, that’s really a good day.”

At American House, we believe the engagement of the mind, body and spirit will provide you with a lifestyle that is interesting, fulfilling and rewarding. It will give you the opportunity to focus on your overall well-being—in a place where your happiness and wellness matter.

Our charming communities feature spacious apartments and a variety of amenities and services. Residents enjoy chef-prepared meals, weekly housekeeping, salon and barber shop services, fitness centers and so much more. With locations in Florida, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Ohio and Tennessee, you’re sure to find the proper level of care and services to fit your needs.

We offer Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care* and Respite Care.

Contact us to find out which American House community is right for you.


* Care provided by an independent, third-party health care provider at select communities.

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Kayla Meek

Meek brings over 10 years of senior living experience advocating for resident quality of life and wellness. Her focus has been on training and education with a passion for building programs that improve both the resident and team experience and tracking results through meaningful data points. Meek holds an MSN from Augusta University, an MPH from the University of Georgia and many certifications.

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