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Selfridge Air National Guard Base Honors Vets in Lead Up to Air Show | The Lasco Press

This weekend, Selfridge Air National Guard Base opens its gates to the general public to host the 2022 Open House and Air Show. The event is free to all attendees and will feature a number of opportunities to witness the incredible planes and personnel of multiple branches of the United States Armed Forces as they demonstrate the capabilities of our military aircraft. 

The Friday before the weekend show at Selfridge is designated “Family Day.” It is a celebration of those who serve(d) for those who provide(d) the ultimate support so they can fulfill their mission to protect our country. The setting seemed appropriate to honor veterans in an event sponsored by caretakers entrusted with the well-being of those heroes. 

That group of trusted guardians, nurses, protectors, and often companions, work for an organization known as American House Senior Living Communities. This is not the first time The Lasco Press has interacted with members of this group. A few years ago they helped us bring our readers a patriotic Memorial Day Tribute to “the Greatest Generation” and a beloved local World War II veteran

Among the thousands of residents American House provides housing for, over 300 of those individuals are veterans according to Chief Executive Officer, Dale Watchowski. 

Watchowski went on to say, “We love our veterans. We are proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Selfridge Open House and Air Show and to give our veteran residents the opportunity to preview this incredible experience and celebrate their bravery. At American House, we express our deep gratitude and sincere appreciation to our veterans for their brave and selfless service to our country. We thank them for answering the call of duty, their gallant courage, and the extraordinary sacrifices they and their families have made on our behalf in the name of freedom, liberty, and peace.” 

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