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Sweethearts renew vows after 73 years | ABC Ch. 13

Only a couple that has been married over seven decades can joke about a long-ago pact they made to stay married, “Whoever leaves the marriage has to take the kids!” And they had nine children! American House Wyoming residents Mary and Richard laugh about that now. In fact, these 93-year-olds laugh a lot. Recalling their houseful of children, Richard said, “That’s why I worked the third shift at General Motors!” After 73 years Mary still laughs at his jokes. And Richard still adores her.
Strolling down the aisle with matching decorated walkers, Mr. and Mrs. radiate love and happiness. The officiant claims this is a record for the longest marriage he’s renewed. Surrounded by their children, friends and fellow residents at American House, the couple tied the knot—again—to rousing applause. Then, Mary in a pink dress and veil and Richard sporting a pink tie and boutonniere, settled in for cake and champagne, thumbed through scrapbooks and shared stories of the wonderful life they created together.

ABC Channel 13 was on hand to report on the wedding of these high school sweethearts.

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