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Voted Best of the Best 2023 | The News-Herald

When it comes to successful senior living communities, the numbers tell the story. For American House Riverview, that means 96% Average Occupancy, 45% Lead to Tour and 35% Tour to Move-in. It’s easy to see what lies behind all this impressive math if you’ve ever been to this community.

It starts when you walk in the front door. The atmosphere is light and easygoing. Not only are you greeted cordially by the concierge, you find yourself amidst happy, chatty residents in the lobby. A few team members stride past, talking with each other and nearby residents. The place is bustling, and people seem happy to be there. It looks clean, it smells fresh and it’s hard not to feel good when you see so many smiling faces.

For the top-performing team at American House Riverview, it’s all about making their residents happy. Executive Director Terra, said it best, “We want them to want to live here.” For her, that means paying attention to the needs of the people she serves. “We don’t want to say no to our residents. So how can we say yes?" She adds, "We want to do the things they want. We’re here to take care of them and what better way to do it than to listen to them.”

When the team interacts with their residents, it’s substantive. They’re making plans for future outings, crafts or projects. Team members and residents have real discussions. According to 9-year resident, Mary, “I am very lucky to live here. They treat you like a person. My family loves it here, it’s my home.” About the food, activities and the assistance, Mary has nothing but good things to say. “When I need something, someone is at my door in a minute to help,” she said. “All these people should get awards.”

As the Community Relations Director, Joe leads most of the tours. He finds it easy to tell the story of this community. “I cannot sell something I don’t personally believe in,” said Joe. “It’s a place I would have my own parents move into, and I can honestly say that on a tour.”

On tours, teamwork comes naturally. Team members say hello and share information with prospective residents. It’s not unusual for a prospective resident to join the leadership team and even a resident or two for lunch, served by the dining room manager, Jalen. “When prospective residents tour, they see me joking around with the residents, and pretty soon they’re laughing too,” said Jalen. “They see how they’re going to be treated and the family sees their loved one will enjoy themselves here.”

Head chef, Nikki, is all about pleasing. “Let’s not say what we cannot do. Let’s say what we can do. What can we do to make living here good for you?” When a prospective resident asked about the taste of the food, her reply was simply, “My mission is to cook what your wife used to cook.”

Sometimes people come into the community with outdated ideas of what senior living used to be. “We show them what is now,” said Kat, the Life Enrichment Director. “When I explain our activities and programs, they are surprised they can come and live in this warm, welcoming place that has a resort-feel.”

American House Riverview is proud to have been recognized in The News-Herald’s People’s Choice Awards as Best of the Best 2023. This award-winning community is featured in The News-Herald on Pages 10-11.

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