COVID-19 Protection

Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe

For over 40 years, we have been taking care of our American House family. From the beginning of the pandemic, we have made the health and well-being of every person in our family our top priority. We remain vigilant in maintaining process and procedures to keep our residents, their loved ones and our devoted team safe.

Residents and Families:

  • Support vaccination clinics for residents and employees in all locations.

  • Provide an ambitious pro-vaccination campaign for residents and employees.

  • Communicate with residents and families with updates on the measures we are taking to combat the illness, our safety precautions and COVID impact on our community. 

  • Post CDC recommended literature in our communities, including risk reduction information such as hand washing, mask wearing, etc.

  • Provide safe visitation with the use of masks. 

  • Post educational signage at our community entrances to help identify signs and symptoms of infection. 

  • Routinely screen everyone who enters any of our buildings.

  • Safely provide communal dining and activities in accordance with risks involved and modify environment when needed. 

  • Provide in-suite engagement for anyone testing positive.

  • Keep residents updated on how to self-monitor for symptoms. 

  • Full monitoring and reporting of resident’s symptoms.


  • Our corporate COVID-19 response team meets regularly to provide up to the minute guidance for our communities.

  • Maintain policies and safety measures with regular reviews of CDC and other health authorities.

  • All employees and visitors wear face masks at all times in our communities.

  • Our team undergoes a health screening prior to every shift.

  • Every team member is fully trained on preventive measures (e.g., regular hand washing, coughing into a tissue) and precautions (e.g., regularly cleaning common area surfaces).

  • Provide enhanced cleaning and sanitation.

Regulatory Authorities:

  • Regular participation in national health organization webinars and conference calls regarding COVID-19.

  • Monitor the CDC, state and local health authorities for COVID-19 updates.

  • Collaborate with third-party, on-site health care providers and on-site physicians for prevention strategies and protocols.