It matters to us that our residents lead active and engaged lives. In our communities, what matters to you, matters to us too. That’s why our life enrichment team hosts engaging social events and activities for our residents and guests to enjoy right here at home.

Here are just a few examples of events happening at our communities. Click on the link below to see what’s happening this month.

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Time Traveler Program
Monthly Activities

This year’s program takes you back in time to revisit events from a different era each month with themed dinners, happy hours and more!


Heart Beats
Music Program 

This engaging series of monthly events gives you the opportunity to sing, play, listen and discuss music in a collaborative group setting.


Helping Hands

Give your time and effort on projects that support the local community. Collaborating with schools, shelters and other organizations benefits everyone involved.


Artists in Residence

Local artists present a series of master classes on painting, architecture, sculpture, collage, mosaics, pottery, literature, music and film. 


Digital Workshop

Interactive sessions with simple, understandable tutorials teach you the basics of photography, tablets, email, blogging, phones, videos and apps.