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American House Home Safe Program

American House Senior Living Communities has been serving seniors and providing the highest quality of care for over 40 years, and we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our seniors during this pandemic. At this time, we are able to accommodate safe, quick and efficient move-ins to our community for those in need of care. 

We believe we are duty-bound to be part of a health care system that’s currently being overwhelmed and do what we can to help ease that burden. The easy decision would be to not accept new residents, but our mission – compassionate care provided by passionate people - drives us to help serve our local communities.

As a result, American House Senior Living Communities has designed our Home Safe program to take strict precautions to ensure every individual who moves into our communities during this time is doing so in the safest environment. 

As with any seasonal virus, there is no way to completely prevent the spread of an infectious disease. However, we believe our residents are in the best position to receive the care they need. Over the last several days, our communities have taken steps to help ensure the safety of our residents and staff. 

Our teams are equipped to provide our unique brand of care, and execute the same protocols we have always had in place for flu-like symptoms. There are currently patients in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities who are ready for discharge. If those patients have nowhere to go, they’ll be forced to remain in the hospital or skilled nursing community, taking a bed that would be better served for another patient.

We will accommodate new move-ins, on a limited basis and in a careful and deliberate manner, to relieve the burden of the greater health care system. For any move-ins occurring during the pandemic, we have created our Home Safe Program protocols. 

All referrals, tours and assessments will be conducted virtually, through voice-to-voice meetings and video conferencing to facilitate needs evaluations and timely move-ins. No in-person evaluations or visits that are required prior to move-in.

For more information on our Home Safe program, please call your local American House today. 

For more information on how we’re responding to this crisis, please visit: /covid-19-virus

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