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International Housekeepers Week: September 12 – 18

Knowing you’ve got people behind you is what family is all about. That is why the subject of International Housekeepers Week becomes a story of family…about people who are there for you every step of the way.

Perfect examples are Jacquis and Carrie, who both head up housekeeping at their respective American House communities. The work never stops, but they love what they do…and why? As they both say, almost word for word, it is because they are part of a family.

It’s a small community over at American House West Bloomfield, but Carrie is always on the go. As a Housekeeping Supervisor she works 40-to-60-hour weeks, often more. When she needs them, the maintenance crew has her back. “Everyone pitches in and helps. We’re a very nice family here.” And as busy as she is, she always has time for the residents. “You can ask me anything about anyone and I can tell you their life story,” she says. “If a resident stops me in the hallway, I take the time to talk with them.” This was especially important during the pandemic lockdown when conversations with residents meant so much. Carrie’s enthusiasm for what she does is apparent, “Our residents are awesome! I love American House, I love my building, I love what I do!”

Looking back over 40 years of employment, nothing compares to the happiness Jacquis has found in the 13 years she’s been with American House East I. In the beginning, it was part-time work to help pay for school, then she fell in love with the atmosphere, over time earning the dual role of Director of Housekeeping and Administrative Assistant. “More than just saying they are a family company, American House showed it,” she says. “From the top of the company, they work to build relationships with us and with our family members. It’s all about family here.” Jacquis makes it clear that the support she feels is a critical part of helping her do her job well. “I can take the best care of the residents I love because I am supported and taken care of. It all works together!”

As we honor the compassion, dedication and hard work of our housekeeping teams, we say a hearty thank you. Your efforts are felt by all, from residents and family members to team members who rely on you to make their own jobs run smoothly. One such person is Tonja, the Executive Director at American House Wildwood, who says, “Our housekeeping team is an extraordinary group of ladies that not only enjoy what they do, they love our residents. They are always welcoming to anyone who walks through our doors. Their positive personalities, caring and flexibility allow them to listen and assist our residents with empathy and honesty. I am so proud and appreciate everything these ladies do for us!”

In stories of old, there were the “keepers of the keys,” those who ensured the comfort of others. At American House, they remain the heroes of our story, those people who are connected to all and dedicated to making our lives better. Just like family.

We all have a story. A story that taught us something, changed us and helped define who we are. At American House, your next chapter is waiting to be written. We’re here to help you write it. Your way.


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