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Make Your Resolutions a Reality.

Though the past couple years have brought challenges, it’s refreshing to know that seniors are heading into 2023 with improved standards of living, hygiene and new medical technologies. Not only are people living longer, they’re living better. Today’s seniors are exploring healthy lifestyle choices, furthering education, pursuing passion projects and even new careers. One of the best times to make positive life changes is at the beginning of the year, a time for self-assessment, fresh starts and possibly one or more New Year’s resolutions.

At American House, we provide the blueprint for a more positive lifestyle through our mission, Living Well Is Being Well™, which promotes whole-person health and wellness of the mind, body and spirit. Our brain health, wellness and enhanced mindfulness programs, along with engaging activities and events, benefit your overall well-being and can play an important role in helping you live your best life and meet your goals.


To help define your goals, consider a goal-setting guideline known as SMART. Used in business, the guide has been adapted for seniors to employ in their own lives. Framing your resolutions within the SMART system will help you craft better goals and increase your chances for success. Weigh your resolutions against the following:

Simple: Create a goal that has just one step or creates one small change in your daily life.

Maintainable: Choose something that enhances or builds on a healthy habit you’ve already established.

Age-appropriate: Make sure it will serve you well as you continue your life story.

Realistic: Understand your abilities and limitations.

Tailored: Work with your health care and wellness teams to align your goals with your unique needs.


It’s always best to begin goal-setting by writing things down. Start thinking about your overall well-being. How are you enriching your own mind, body and spirit? Think of what you would like your year to look like, what you may want to do that is new, or what you would do differently. What will make you proud of yourself in the coming months? Here are some resolutions to consider as you head into the new year:

Update essential documents.

Keeping documents current is an important to-do item that often gets overlooked in the hustle and bustle of every day. Consult trusted family and advisors and tackle those living wills, end-of-life wishes, financial documents and medication lists.

Eat healthier.

Eating well is important, no matter your age. But the definition of healthy eating does change a little with age. As you grow older, your metabolism slows down, so you need fewer calories than before. Your body also needs more of certain nutrients. Consult with your doctor to help you create meal plans that promote your good health.

Exercise more.

In the aging population, exercise has been shown to prevent disease, lower the risk of falls, improve mental health and well-being, strengthen social ties and improve cognitive function. Check out your local gym or senior center and ask about fitness classes and make your health a priority.

Commit to using one new piece of technology.

Technology changes so fast and it can be a challenge to keep up. Choose one new technology to learn this year. A tablet is a great place to start and will help you connect with family and friends throughout the year.

Start downsizing and decluttering.

Perhaps your goal may be to simplify your life. Many seniors have lived in their homes for decades and have many prized possessions. Speak to your family members to distribute items you no longer use. Donating to charitable organizations is also an option. It’s time to rally the people in your life who can help you get organized.

Make your happiness your priority.

Take a long hard look at your day-to-day life and ask yourself, “Am I happy?” At American House, our maintenance-free lifestyle allows you the time to focus on you. With our robust calendar of engaging events and activities, you can explore new interests and stay healthy and active while building rich, lasting friendships.

Explore senior living options.

If you’re deciding if a senior living community is the right choice for you, do your research. Write down what you want in a senior living community and invite family and friends to tour communities with you. What amenities will you need? What kind of location do you want to live in? Your best life awaits in 2023, so get it started today!  


Once you’ve embarked on your New Year’s resolutions, stay SMART and focus on the positives. Celebrate the progress you’ve made along the way, small or large. Stay upbeat and draw on each and every accomplishment when you’re feeling challenged. Some guidelines to help make those goals realities include:

  • Know your “why” behind your goal.
  • Rid yourself of negative thoughts and think positively about your achievements.
  • Break large goals into smaller, more achievable, goals and celebrate each time you hit a smaller goal.
  • Set weekly appointments with yourself or a trusted friend to take an honest look at your progress.
  • Don’t be discouraged by shortfalls, learn from your mistakes, and keep moving in the direction of your goals.
  • Place yourself in an environment that encourages you to succeed.
  • Tell people about your goals and let them help you on your journey.

At American House, we believe the engagement of the mind, body and spirit will provide you with a lifestyle that is interesting, fulfilling and rewarding. It will give you the opportunity to focus on your overall well-being—in a place where your happiness and wellness matter.

Our charming communities feature spacious apartments and a variety of amenities and services. Residents enjoy chef-prepared meals, weekly housekeeping, salon and barber shop services, fitness centers and so much more. With locations in Florida, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Ohio and Tennessee, you’re sure to find the proper level of care and services to fit your needs.

We offer Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care*, Respite Care and Hospice Care*.

Contact us to find out which American House community is right for you.


* Care provided by an independent, third-party health care provider at select communities.

Written By

Jodie Audia, RN, BSN

Jodie is American House Senior Living's Vice President of Life Enrichment and Cognitive Programming. She has 24 years of experience in the field of nursing. Her prior assignments include Fountain View Surgery Center, Wayne State University Physician Group, Henry Ford Health System, and St. John Providence Health System.

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