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Marina: Her career continues to grow…along with her happiness.

At American House, everyone’s happiness matters, from our residents and their families to the devoted people on our team who give so much. For Marina, happiness meant having the opportunity to explore an industry she felt passionate about, with the full support of a company that encouraged her growth.

As Vice President of Operations/Midwest Division, Marina looks back on how it all started over 20 years ago. “My mom was an Executive Director at a community, and I always volunteered. You could say I grew up there, it was awesome!” From early on, Marina’s mission was to learn everything about the company. She’s achieved that and more, touching so many along the way with her caring and kindness.

Marina’s rise in the ranks is similar to her mother’s career path at American House. “My mom started as an activities person, moved her way up to Assistant Executive Director, then became an ED within a very short period of time.”

With her love for seniors and her mother’s example, Marina began planning her future. She chose the best place to get to know American House – the home office. “Working at the home office, I learned all I could, and everyone was very encouraging,” she says. “In the back of my mind were my Mom’s words, ‘the possibilities are endless, learn everything you can.’” 

Her initial years spending time with residents left a lasting impression. “I wanted to be like my mom; I wanted to run a building someday.” In time, she became an Executive Director, then worked in compliance and quickly rose to Director of Compliance. When a regional assistant was needed, she took on the additional role. Not stopping there, Marina explored asset management on her way to the Operations side of the business.

“My personality is direct and decisive,” she says, “and for me, you can’t make a decision if you don’t know all aspects of the company. I was very fortunate all these years for the opportunity to move around and continue to grow.”

Through it all, her focus has always been the people. “The whole reason I do this is because I’m passionate about working with seniors. They’re our grandmas and grandpas and we care for them the same way,” says Marina. “I often go back to the communities because I crave that interaction.”

“You create those bonds and become part of the family. I think that sets American House apart from the competition,” she says. “We have a group of genuinely caring, empathetic EDs; they know the resident, they know the family, the granddaughter and the granddog.”

Marina’s story is the perfect example of why happiness matters at American House. With the encouragement of a company that supported her passion to grow her career, she found her happiness. And so did a lot of people along the way.

We all have a story. A story that taught us something, changed us and helped define who we are. At American House, your next chapter is waiting to be written. We’re here to help you write it. Your way.

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Lori Bender

Bringing over 20 years of writing experience to American House, Lori has worked in every aspect of advertising and produced award-winning websites. She earned a Journalism degree from Central Michigan University.

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