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A New World - Seniors Experience Virtual Reality

American House residents from Riverview, Southgate, Taylor and Brownstown, Michigan took a walk on the wild side last week, flying with the Blue Angels, racing at Le Mans, deep-sea diving, riding one of the world’s wackiest waterslides, and living among lions, during a very special event.

women with virtual reality goggles
 Sue, Southgate

American House Riverview’s Executive Director, Lizzy Jones, said she had been on the lookout for a senior-friendly, fun activity that would encourage residents to give new technology a try when she discovered Virtual Reality Rental, a company dedicated to providing exciting, virtual reality experiences and events. “Over the years, I’ve heard our residents recall their greatest adventures, “she said, “and I wanted to give them an opportunity to relive those memories and make some new ones too.” A phone call and a few weeks later, Virtual Reality Rental shipped everything the community needed to host their own ultimate experience.

More than 60 residents attended the event, bound for adventure – no plane ticket necessary. Virtual reality headsets were provided and preloaded with five different experiences, allowing every resident, despite mobility restrictions, the opportunity of a lifetime. “I was impressed,” smiled Rosetta, from American House Southland. “I give the experience an A+!” Other residents from neighboring communities agreed. American House Riverview, who hosted the event, made sure even spectators were able to enjoy a little of the action, simulcasting the event to several televisions in the community so they could watch from

man in virtual reality
Earl, Riverview

the sidelines. Residents also enjoyed live entertainment and hors d’oeuvres during the event.

Designed to give users a lifelike, three-dimensional experience, advancements in technology have provided seniors with a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy new adventures, without ever having to leave the comforts of home. Recent research suggests engaging with virtual reality technology may even help improve brain health.

“Many of the participants were excited and animated in explaining what they saw and heard while wearing the headsets,” said Karyl Smith, community relations manager at American House Riverview. “[They] have requested a repeat of the event so they can explore some of the other experiences Virtual Reality Rental has to offer.”

Are you looking for a little adventure? Ask about virtual reality headsets at your favorite electronics store and get ready to enjoy the fun!


*Cover Image: Rosetta, Taylor

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